greetings netizens!!

i am an IT professional with about 10 years of experience. i have had experience in IT systems, networks and Information Security. over the past ten years, i have met a good number of customers and have had the chance to talk to people from almost all levels of IT management.

i am currently employed with a leading IT outsourcing providerd. by virtue of working in this domain, i also have the opportunity to talk to many CIO’s, CISO’s and senior IT management of many fortune 1000 & 500 organizations. during these meetings, i take the chance to discuss some of my seemingly absurd ideas also, much to the annoyance of the sales teams at times ;-), just to understand what and how they interpret the challenges to IT and the roles they are assigned.

i am a novice when it comes to blogs and for that matter to ‘writing’. hence i make no claim to fame about the number of books or articles that i have written in the past that has won me acclaims. last, i remember, writing and presenting papers was when i was an graduate student in an engineering college.  while many of the posts are about my discussions with the IT executive management teams, there are some which are just random thoughts and hence the name ‘in the passing’. many of such thoughts have come to me while idling away in airport lounges waiting for connection flights, hotel lounges, waitings for meetings to begin or when the end, in numerous taxi rides to and from client places or sometimes, just idling away on the net, reading. 

the topic of the posts, as you will notice, vary from very broad, so called “philosophical” to very specific topics. that is cause of the randomness of my thoughts i suppose :-).

also, when you read my posts, you will notice that most of my posts are in running hand and do not have the right i’s dotted and t’s crossed. well most of the time, i pen down my thoughts on a piece of paper or back of an envelope and just type it out the way the thoughts come to me and hence there are typo’s, punctuation and spelling errors and often the tenses don’t match.

do share your thoughts and comments on the posts. i will be glad to respond to the comments and enhance my understanding of the topic by sharing whatever i think or know about the same.

happy reading!


4 Responses

  1. lately some of the comments on my blog have been suggestions to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, use of little formatting like starting the sentences with a capital letters and all to make the blog more appealing.

    well, thank you for the same.i will try n keep your suggestions in mind next time i post…the thing is i type my thots as they come and not revisit them or edit them..but i will still make an honest attempt at it 🙂

  2. Greetings,

    I came across your blog from IT Organization circa 2017. I’m glad I did :). Some quite good stuff and much different than other things posted in the blogosphere.

    Hope you get more circulated across the blog world and other IT professionals.

    I’ll put you on my blogroll.


  3. ah our new corporate social security policy is going to be out soon. so prempting that event, i am adding a disclaimer that thoughts shared on the blog are mine and do not represent that of the organization(s) i work for or have worked in the past!

    that shud take care of the legal hawks! lol !!!

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