Cisco’s Collaboration Framework – My View’s

 While searching for information on Cisco UCS, I came across some sites where Cisco’s acquisitions were being discussed.

In the past few months, Cisco did some pretty interesting acquisitions. When looked at each acquisition individually, some make sense and some don’t . But if u step away, a picture starts to emerge. Some of the acquisitions made by cisco are:-

· Webex – for USD 3.2 billion – meetings over the web

· Postpath for USD 215 million. – email and collaboration. It has been the most surprising acquisition from Cisco.

· Jabber – financials not known – Jabber has developed a “carrier-class” platform based on open standards that can work across multiple messaging systems, such as AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Office Communications Server

· Ironport – USD 830 million – email anti virus and anti spam

· Five across – 11 member company which allows large companies to easily add social networking features to their websites

· SoonRgiven USD 9.1 million dollars to soonR – a backup service focused on enabling access to your files from mobile devices. SoonR synchs your files to cloud storage via a downloadable client that runs in the background of both Macs and PCs. When you’re on the go, you can access these files with the web browser in your mobile phone.

· Recently Cisco/Webex introduced – remote desktop management capability and patch management capability in the webex client. I have no idea as of now where cisco is headed with these developments in webex. But it just might be a sign of things to come from Cisco.

Where is Cisco headed with these acquisitions? Well, my thoughts on how Cisco might be planning to play with features from the companies it has acquired can be summarized by the figure below. (I know the handwriting is not clear but didn’t have scanner so used camera phone and they saying goes – a pic is worth thousand words.. 

Cisco's Collaboration Framework - My View

Cisco's Collaboration Framework - My View

 Cisco might be planning to take on Microsoft & IBM on business collaboration by using these acquisitions.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    Interesting thoughts and research piecing Cisco’s long term strategy :-). I tend to agree with you. However, it’s a big gamble for Cisco to use its massive enterprise install base to develop this long term business opportunity.

    I’m not sure that I would bet my whole IT infra on all Cisco products as I prefer best-of-breed approach. Still, a turn-key solution like Cisco’s may be good strategy if it can be shown that the total cost of ownership including depreciation for such infra over 3-5 years is flat-ish. It would be expensive and dangerous to be locked into a single vendor – even one as big and good as Cisco :-).

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  2. Oh well, only time will tell if Cisco’s gamble will pay or not. I just shared what appeared to me looking at the acquisitions they have done.

    I used to believe in best-of-the-breed approach earlier but now i strongly believe in “optimal” as the key theme behind any IT investment. Maybe recession is getting to me ! lol

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