Information Management for Individuals

A few days ago, I read a blog from Harold Jarche, about how to manage the wealth of information out there using various web 2.0 tools that are available to an individual. Its a good article and make a good point – 

An interesting point made in the article is about a knowledge management system to index and be able to remember and retrieve the information if required.

Apart from preserving information or knowing where to get it when u need it, it is equally important to discard the information that has outlived its usefulness. We download documents from the Internet and store it in our hard drives and they keep lying there even after they are of no use anymore. Then we end up backing up these file on DVD, USB storage devices and the volume just keeps growing. I know about a guy who carries an 80 GB USB drive to work, had a 250 GB drive in office and a 500GB drive back home just to backup the information. Even you leave about 50% of the space for songs and movies, I wonder how much of the files would he ever access again till he retires. And he is already complaining that he is running out of space.

What I liked about the article was the process of personal knowledge management. There is so much of information to read on the Internet and most of the time that’s what most of us do. We search, read and many times get influenced by what is written, especially if it is by some analyst or research firm.

In my opinion, it is important to analyze what we read, form an opinion about it and express it or share it. When you share your opinion, you invite feedback, points and counterpoints. Many of us are hesitant to express out independent opinion on subjects that we read for the fear of inviting counterarguments. What matters is openness to change the opinion if one is convinced with the arguments against it. 

That is one reason for me to express my thoughts on the blog here. Many a times, I have received emails expressing points and counterpoints to what I have expressed. It is always good to have a healthy debate and discussions. I have found it a very enriching experience.

The article is a good read, do visit the link and no, i am not getting anything for promoting the blog! lol!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words, but I’m wondering why all the money I sent to have you cover my blog was not received? 😉


  2. Call it the ‘Tendency to hoard’ (about the multiple hdd guy)… or call it the fear not to be able to hunt down the piece when you need it.

    I see a business opportunity in ‘Information Mangement’, where challange for any organization would be ability to retrieve information which is accurate, current, authentic while bringing down the cost of management and retrieval of such information.

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