Embracing the Twitter

I am finally on twitter. Phew!

my twitter id is tsingh4IT

I first heard of twitter sometime early in 2008 but never paid much attention to it. At that time, all these blogs, micro-blogs, social networking seemed like mumbo jumbo to me. Then again, it was in news during the ghastly 26/11 incident. I was not able to supress my curiosity and started reading about it on the net. I came across an article which said that the only way to experience the web 2.0 ocean was not from the sidelines but to jump right into it.

So, acting upon the advice, slowly I embraced blogs and I finally signed up for twitter. But only recently I became an active participant in the twitter land! 

I intend to use twitter to express my thoughts on some topics, well a vast array of topics that cross my mind now and then and hope to engage in some healthy discussions around the same. In the processes, if I do come across a nice post or an article, I would tweet the url around though that is not going to be my main objective.

I have added the twitter update widget on the blog page to share what I am thinking at any point in time.


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