Cloud & Customer Intimacy

recently i came across a blog post by thomas bittman on the subject of customer intimacy (  it is a good post that talks about how cloud might change the need for customer -IT intimacy.

my view on the subject is as follows:-

“I think the issue of intimacy between IT and business should be treated independent of the fact whether cloud is there in the picture or not. Even in cases where enterprise IT manufactures and delivers the “services” in the traditional manner, there are some services that will require lesser degree of intimacy with the business as compared to other services.

Services that can be considered as commodity services, for example business collaboration services like email, do not require a high degree of intimacy between the enterprise IT and business even now. These services can be easily packaged based on certain characteristics (like mailbox size etc), offered based on a subscription model and can be pretty much self serving. The users can go to an Intranet, select the right package of “Service” and subscribe to the same. These can be then moved to a self-service interface.

Services which are evolving, strategic, have the potential to impact the way an enterprise goes about conducting its business or impact the enterprise end customers require the enterprise IT teams to work closely with the business functions. Such services, hence, will fall in the category of services that require a higher degree of intimacy between IT and business.

However, services that are strategic today may not be so tomorrow depending on how the service is consumed and evolves just as the case with the email service. As the service undergoes the change, so will the degree of intimacy associated with it.

I think IT needs to keep a tab on the intimacy requirements irrespective of cloud based model. these models will continue to evolve from time to time anyway. today it is cloud, tomorrow there might be something else ! 


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