Maturity Assessment of IT Environment

recently, i was roped in an exercise t0 ‘develop a maturity assessment framework for an enterprise IT landscape’.

the objective of this exercise is to develop a framework that can be used to gauge the maturity assessment of IT environment of any enterprise and define the ideal “end” goal/state over a period of ‘x’ years. the enterprise IT teams can also use it to drive budget allocation for their IT projects enabling them to move ahead on the maturity curve.

 the scope of the exercise includes developing a assessment framework comprising the following areas:-

  1. IT processes
  2. IT operations
  3. Shared services for IT/Cross Functional Services
  4. Technology Towers:-
  • Unix
  • Wintel
  • Mainframes
  • Storage
  • Networks

after looking at the charter & scope of this exercise and  having engaged in initial discussions with the other team members involved in this exericise, i have my opinion on the possibility to develop a framework that will be acceptable to the customer IT management  and business heads especially to allocate budgets for IT spend.

in the next few posts, i will post my thoughts and opinion on this subject.


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