IT Security Outsourcing Models – III

outsourcing security infrastructure management

in this case, the service provider is responsible for monitoring, management and maintenance of the security infrastructure.

the service provider will usually bring in their tools for security event monitoring like in the previous case (outsourcing security infrastructure monitoring with service provider’s tools & processes). along with being responsible for incident monitoring, the service provider will also be executing the following processes:-

  • change management
  • configuration management
  • version upgrades/maintenance
  • incident management
  • reporting

 in case of stand alone security management outsourcing, the service provider will usually prefer to use their own trouble ticketing tools to open tickets incident and associated tickets on which the customer’s team need to take actions (e.g – remote an virus infected desktop from the LAN etc). the customer’s retained security operation’s organization (if any), is then responsible for taking this ticket and redirecting the work to their internal IT teams.

If the customer prefers to get rid of this hop (of redirecting tickets to their internal IT teams), the may require the service provider to use the customer’s ticketing tools. this can either be achieved by having a two way integration between the service provider’s and the customer’s ticketing tools.or by extending the ticketing console to the service provider to manually open the tickets. a manual way can also mean an increase in the service provider’s response and notification time since the ticketing automation with security event monitoring tools will no longer be possible.

from a delivery perspective, again following models can be explored:-

  • shared tools and shared monitoring & management teams
  • shared tools and shared monitoring teams, dedicated management teams
  • shared tools and dedicated monitoring teams, shared management teams
  • dedicated tools and dedicated monitoring & management teams

as stated in the previous post –  one of the areas that requires attention is the incident management process. what are the expectations from the service provider and how does the hand off happen between the outsourced and the retained teams is a matter that needs to be thought through in detail also


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