Redefine the IT Perimeter – II

ON September 19th, there was a post on CSO Online portal which had outlined 5 trends for mobile security-

to summarize, the 5 trends mentioned are:-

1. More powerful and less expensive mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and are as irreplaceable as any PC or laptop, significantly increasing the risks from loss and theft.

also the network providers are having charging not on “number of bytes downloaded etc” but based on the service features opted for like “gprs enabled talk plan etc”.

2. A move toward more powerful, IP-based network infrastructures is leading to increased use of data-heavy mobile services, which need more sophisticated management.

3. Increased numbers of corporate users (which also includes staff at all levels and not only the CxO’s) of mobile devices accessing company applications and data at all levels of the enterprise are creating a huge headache for IT departments.

4. More and more sophisticated security threats are appearing as new devices provide richer targets

if you look from the prespective of IT perimter, the perimter needs to be redrawn to secure each of these mobile devices also as now corporate information can be access and reside on these powerful mobile devices.


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