Model to Evaluate IT

Recently I have come across few articles which talk about demand and supply aspects of business and IT respectively. The concept is pretty simple:- Business will always have a demand for IT services and capability and IT organizations will be the supplier for these services (either sourcing them internally or from outside) to meet the business demand. Using concepts like portfolio management, many IT organizations are trying to first get a grip on the supply side of IT.

However, the IT organizations are still struggling to align the supply capability with the business demand and be in a state of equilibrium. To do that, they need to first develop a model which can be used to map the characterstics of business attributes that affect IT and IT capabilities against each other, define the states of equilibrium that can exist and then take initiatives to reach that equilibrium.

Apart from Business Demand and IT Supply capability, are there any attributes that can affect either the business aspect of demand or the IT capability to supply? Is there a model that can be used to measure the state of IT with respect to business demand and consumption pattern?

I will try to express my opinion on this subject in the next posts on this subject.


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