Cross Functional Services – 1

cfs, cross functional services, cross tower services..different names but ideally referring to a set of services to be performed across all the IT functions or towers (depending how the IT is referenced to) in an organization.

even though the concept is not new, lately these terms have found their way’s into rfp’s and rfi’s of enterprises who are looking to outsource and/or offhore their some or all components of IT functions.

so what is cfs? (in the post i will use cfs to refer to the topic as it is shorter and i save energy in typing it 😉 and it sounds better than cross tower services or cts..ha!)

broadly speaking IT can be categorized into two main functions – IT infrastructure and IT applications. there are some set of activitites that need to be performed within each of these functions independant of each other. however, there are few set of activities that need to be performed uniformly across these two fucntions using same set of principles.

for example – governance. the priciples to govern the IT as a single entity are independant of either applications and infrastructure functions.

another example i can think of is – compliance. even though both, applications and infrastructure functions will have their own set of activities and nuances to demonstrate regulatoty and compliance adherence, there will be only one set of defined common principles and IT objectives that will guide and drive those specific activities within each of the functions.

…more in cfs post – 2


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