One IT – 1

i was in discussion which revolved around – how IT can enhance the experience for the customers of  IT

a lot of ideas were put on the desk and discussed. So here are my thoughts on the subject.

i call it OneIT or One-IT, or whatever you may want to call it :-). It is a transition which the IT organization of an enterprise needs to make to ensure consistency and predictability  of IT services for the users.

the following are the areas that can possibly be included in this transition:-

  • ability of an IT user to request for a set of IT services with guaranteed availability & response time (aka service catalog)
  • ensuring that an IT user to experiences the same response & resolution time for IT issues irrespective of the location the user connects to the IT environment within the enterprise and guaranteed in the service catalog
  • ensuring consistent application response time for IT applications the user has subscribed or requested for.
  • single interface to see the charges a user is paying (or a department /business unit) is paying for the IT services subscribed for.
  • making IT experience independent of the geo the user is in. it is consistent and defined across the enterprise. IT services and SLA can be based on predefined criteria like – user categories, hardware type but the message is – it has to be consistent.

in my opinion, it starts with first identifying the ‘customers’ of IT. In any organization, there can be direct customer and indirect customers. more often than not, the direct customers are the employees of the enterprise itself. Indirect customers tend to be the enterprise customers. (however, in some cases IT impacts the enterprise customers directly also)

for the sake of the discussion, we will focus on the enterprise IT users for the time being. so, how does one enhance the experience of IT users?

Looking from a very high level, it will involve standardization of technologies and processes, evolving global delivery model and making much of IT seamless to the users. nothing new huh! I have heard these terms so many times on proposals and discussions but in most cases, it ends there.

seamlessIT or seamless-IT, (ha! another term coined for lack of a better word) should mean making IT smooth and seamless to a user by not exposing the user to the internals or nuances of IT organization. a user need not chase a systems administrator for one thing and then a networking team for another blah blah.

Let us take an example of a simple enterprise with the following characteristics for the sake of discussion:-

  • presence in three geo’s or continents (NA, EMEA, ASPAC)
  • having geo aligned business units each
  • having about 20,000 IT users spread across the threeo geo’s.
  • geo specific IT helpdesks where users call for IT related problems.
  • enterprise applications to which access is required by the users.

the same model can probably be extended to enterprise with different structures also.

i will try to pen down my thoughts on this subject and how an enterprise can move to ‘One IT’ framework in the next few posts…(yawn!!!)..maybe not today though!


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